Monday, November 12, 2012

Mear One Takes a Stand Against the GMO Man

  As Californians voted down proposition 37, street artist Mear One (a.k.a. Kalen Ockerman) stands up against the production of genetically modified organism with the completion of his newest mural in the parking lot of Wood Café at Washington and Inglewood Boulevards in Los Angeles.  The mural was produced in collaboration with Vyal One, Werc, Griffin One and Ernest Doty.  The use of overly saturated colors mimics that which is unnatural and toxic within genetically modified food.  Mear One literally represents GMO with “the man” juxtaposed near a family standing amongst their own homegrown garden and in resistance to the omnipresent hypnotic GMO man.  And just who is that GMO man?  Numerous food industry companies that spent millions of dollars in advertising to successfully persuade 53% of voters to vote “no” on 37 including: Monsanto ($8,112,069), DuPont ($5,400,000), Pepsi ($2,145,400), BASF ($2,000,000), Bayer ($2,000,000), DOW ($2,000,000), Syngenta ($2,000,000), Coca-Cola ($1,690,500), Nestle ($1,461,600), and ConAgra Foods ($1,176,700). 

Consider enjoying a meal free of genetically engineered food at Wood Café where seasonal, local and organic rustic fare is served for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Wood’s friendly and efficient staff will complement your meal.   View a video of the production of Mear One’s mural by clicking here.  Continue the fight to label genetically engineered foods and remain informed at the Yes on 37 Right to Know Blog.

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  1. Terrific mural. I detest that there's a need for such art, but there is.